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The Lost Hunter

The First Matt Hunter Supernatural Mystery.

The story begins with the meeting of Matt Hunter and Liz
Sayers under the most extreme of circumstances.  Liz is
being attacked by what seems to be a ravening beast, and
Matt saves her.  Over the following hours, he opens Liz's
eyes to a world she didn't know existed, a world of mythical
creatures, integrated within our modern society.

Matt it seems, investigates these supernatural entities,
protecting humanity from the worst of them, and Liz
becomes embroiled in his search for these creatures, just
as she becomes more involved with this enigmatic and
mysterious man.

Together they stumble upon a conspiracy which threatens
humanity, and with the aid of a Vampire, a Half Warewolf
and Matt's sentient computer they attempt to put a stop to

On the way they take on a Warlock and unlock things about
themselves which alter their whole perception of both them
and their place in the world.