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© 2012 by Kevin Tye.  All rights reserved.
Forbidden Forest was my second supernatural story, and the
first written for Na No Wri Mo.
Rosamund Leigh, the last in the line of the Witches of Leigh, and
Malcolm Forrester, last in the line of ancient foresters who hold
in trust the last of the mystical forests in the land, meet on a
train and begin a whirlwind ride pursued by the Druid Merlin.

Malcolm discovers that there is history between his family and
that of the house of Leigh, both linked by the dark presence of
the ancient Druid.

This is a story of dark fantasy turning our usual view of
Arthurian legend completely on its head providing the reader
with an insight into what it would have been like if Arthur
Pendragon had not been the benevolent wise King of Legend,
and his trusty blade Excalibur not the shining talisman of which
we have alsways been led to believe.

Forbidden Forest