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The First Liam Collins Mystery. 

The story begins with a body found in an open grave, having
died from blunt force injuries.  It falls to Detective Inspector
Liam Collins and Detective Sergeant Roger Desmond to
investigate this crime.  In doing so they take on one of the
most challenging cases of their careers involving murder and
intrigue.  They are not short of suspects in this dark case, but
none seem to profit by the death of the victim, in fact though
almost everyone who knew the victim hated and despised
him, almost all had solid reasons to keep him alive.

It takes all of the skill and capability of the two men to be
able to unravel this plot and find their way through its many
twists and turns.

Collins, despite problems being placed before him, shows
himself to be the consummate investigator by finally piecing
together the puzzle of why this particular victim fell foul of his

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