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The Bookshelf

This is where the good stuff is kept, well in my opinion anyway.  You of course will need to judge for
yourself as to how good, (or how bad, after all it will be your opinion which has the same level of validity as
mine).  Linked to this page you will find my attempts at expressing myself in the written word as each
becomes available. 

About 4 years ago I decided that it was about time I started writing stuff that people might actually want to
read.  I began a novel, inspired by a throw away comment my wife made one morning, which after about
seven months had resulted in the finished mystery novel, Trust.

What should I do with that finished work I wondered.  Well the first step was to get a select few to read it. 
My good friend Teresa was the first, and her comment was that she almost wet her pants because she didn't
want to put the darned thing down!  She cajoled me into letting her mother read it, then there was my very
good friend Steve, and his mum Eileen, (a published author in her own right - search for Beagle
Publications) and... Well, you get the picture.  The general consensus of opinion was "Get on and publish
it!".  Easier said than done in this current economic climate.

Publishers and agents are not the easiest of people to get to read your work, which I am sure those not
involved in the publishing industry find amazing.  No, unless you have already been published you almost
can't get published.

So what did I do?  Well undeterred, I decided that the best remedy was to write another book.  Being an
avid camper at weekends, and following that old saw about writing about what you know, I cracked on with
Camp Fear.  Within about another 12 months, it was complete, and I passed it to my good friend Teresa to
work her proofreading magic on.  She did, as did her mother, both pronouncing it as much of a page turner
as the first offering.  Liking the Power of 3 (little Charmed pop culture reference there) I immediately began
work on another, and about four months ago Ghost Town was finished (well not yet proof read, but I am
hoping to change that situation shortly).  It is what I like to think of as a gritty Police Procedural with story
arcs involving gun crime and prostitution.

I put the final touches to a little fantasy work called The Lost Hunter a few weeks ago, the first in a
supernatural series, I have part finished the next Liam Collins mystery (following on from Camp Fear)
called Sacrifice which is a work in progress, and have an outline for the next Liam Collins mystery called
In Plain Sight.  You may check out the progress on each of these works by visiting their respective pages. 
Over the last few years I have also created a number of Short Stories, which range in genre from straight murders through
macabre horror and on to pure fantasy.  I hope to gather them together one day and publish something called Small ThingsI will
post some up on the short story page for you to view / download.  Hot of the press is the fact that I succumbed to my need to push
myself and entered NaNoWriMo 2012.  I completed my 51,000 word novella in 21 days rather than the 30 days you are given.  It is
a dark fantasy and you will find stuff about it on the page entitled Forbidden Forest.

I guess my final words in all this is, love or hate what you find here, keep reading!