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Camp Fear

The Second Liam Collins Mystery. 

Liam Collins and Roger Desmond find themselves facing the
most bizarre case of their careers.  The local camping and
caravan community is rocked when an elderly female
caravaner is murdered on a camp site in the beautiful New
Forest.  Roger Desmond, an avid caravaner on a weekend
away discovers the body.

With no motive that they can find Liam has Roger lead him
into the world of weekend camping.  Liam's current
relationship is going through a few problems, made worse by
having his girlfriend insist that she go along with him
undercover.  During the weekend more murders occur taking
this case from being a murder investigation into the hunt for a
serial killer.

Liam closes in on the killer, only to have his world rocked by 
discoveries that take him down paths he is not really
equipped to travel.

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