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The Third Liam Collins Mystery. (Work In Progress)

In the seaside town of Weymouth, a young foreign worker
goes missing.  Investigation leads the police to realise that
this is not an isolated case.

Despite Liam Collins taking some time away from the job, he
finds himself embroiled within the investigation of the missing

In parallel with this situation further down the coast, newly
promoted Detective Inspector Maddie Fraser deals with her
first truly bizarre murder.  A naked young girl is found dead
on the cliffs of Dancing Ledge in the Purbeck hills.  As the
body has been found on the edge forensic jurisdiction
between the Wessex Regional and South West Regional
Crime Units, Maddie decides to go with the Wessex, as she
knows DI Liam Collins not only by reputation, but also
personally, and knows that his forensics team will be second
to none.

As this unusual case unfolds Maddie finds herself delving into
strange and uncharted waters, leading her down pathways
for which she finds herself totally unprepared.  Only the
steadying hands of DI Collins and DS Roger Desmond help
her make sense of this confusing and dangerous case.