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Ghost Town

Ghost Town was my first Jack Talbot story. 

The town of Southampton is falling into depravity. 
Prostitution and human slavery is on the upturn, citizens are
being gunned down in the street, and Detective Inspector
Jack Talbot doesn't have enough manpower to effectively
deal with it.

Jack is pulled away from a meeting with a prospective
informant regarding the import of prostitutes, to have to deal
with a particularly violent murder involving a child.  Leaving
his team to finish up he returns to try and gather more
information regarding the prostitution ring and befriends a
young working girl.

He realises that the girl, Rose Mortimer only a prostitute out
of laziness, has skills which could help him combat both his
gun crime and prostitution problems, and he is just desperate
enough to use them.

This case takes he and Rose on a roller-coaster ride through
the seedier side of Europe, as he tracks the supply of
weapons to Southampton's underworld.  To bring both the
prostitution ring and the gun crime to a successful conclusion
Jack finds himself dealing with both politics and infighting
within the Police system itself, and finds that the corruption
leads him to places within his own organisation for which he
is unprepared.