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Welcome to Just Stories

At Just Stories you will find a showcase of my work as a fiction writer.  My name is Kevin Tye and I have been
writing for nearly a quarter of a century, yeah, I know the old joke about haven't I got tired yet, but you
know, I haven't.  The bulk of my work has been boring technical stuff, technical manuals, technical training
courses and the ilk.  Yes, my name is Kevin and I am a Technical Author.  I have been sober now ...  Just

I began writing fiction a few years ago and I am still waiting to be "traditionally" published.  As they say in
Never Never Land "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince."  Well I have just about worn
my lips out, regularly submitting stuff for publication for a couple of years, and whilst one of my rejection
letters was really very nice from a publisher in London, stating that my work was well written and easily of
publishing quality, that is all I have, rejection letters.

So on the advice of a friend I thought, what the hell.  Let's see what we can do with self-publishing.  I don't
mean the sad self published poetry of a few years ago, where the author pays an arm and a leg for the
privilege of seeing their name in print.  I mean the self publishing of the twenty-first century, electronically. 
There are enough sites out here in the wide internet to enable those who wish to get their names in print to do
so.  In fact that is something of a conundrum.  Which publishing service to use?  Should I publish on the
Kindle?  How about Kobo?  Do I host the books on my own site and take payment for them myself?  Choices,
In the end, I figured why not do them all, eventually.  So hopefully, whatever your eBook poison, you should be able to get a copy of
my books.  Explore the site, look at The Bookshelf and download the first bits of the books, use the Contact page to leave me a
message, but above all else, enjoy what you read.  To paraphrase what they say at the end of those awful celebrity dance shows -
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